French Oak Beer Sticks for Carboys, 2 pk

Beer Stix™ for Carboys:

Beer Stix™ Carboy sticks are sized so that one stick is the dosage for 5-6 gallons of wine. 

The Beer Stix™ milling gives 60% more surface area compared to Wine Stix® allowing faster extraction due to more short grain. The milling is 1/16’’ thinner for a denser toasting. Please allow 2 months minimum extraction time to balance the extractions of short and long grain. Removal of the wood early only allows certain extractions of flavors and primarily from the short grain in the Beer Stix™ milling.  The end result is in likeness to a second use Barrel.

Toast Levels and Flavors:

Toast Light
Medium Plus
Special Dark
French Oak

Gentle Spices



Roasted Toasty
Aromas of
Coffee & Caramel


Roasted Smoky
Aromas of
Dark Coffee


Package:  2 Beer Sticks per package

French Oak Beer Sticks for Carboys, 2 pk
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